Ealing MPs - Budget Reaction

Tough but necessary or a recipe for economic disaster?


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Ealing's Local MPs have been giving their reaction to the Budget.

Ealing Central and Acton Conservative MP, Angie Bray, said:

“The budget was tough but necessary if we are to tackle the appalling hole in our finances. Right now we are borrowing one pound in every four spent and it simply cannot be allowed to go on as it would mean wracking up crippling debts for us and future generations.

“The Coalition Government has also based its decisions on fairness making sure that those on higher incomes bear the greatest share proportionately. The increase in the personal tax threshold and child tax credits for those on lower incomes as well as the restoration of the link between pensions and earnings will certainly help to soften the impact of the rise in VAT.

“But what I really welcome are the measures to cut taxes on business and entrepreneurs to get our economy growing again. This is the right way forward.”


Ealing Southall Labour MP, Virendra Sharma, said:

“This budget is an attack on growth and jobs and puts the burden of paying for the bankers mistakes onto the backs of some of the poorest in our society. It is the very opposite of fairness, punishing those who can least afford to be punished through the introduction of a 20% VAT rate, the freezing of child benefit for three years and the capping of housing benefit.”

“The Tories and LibDems by cutting so deep and so quickly are being reckless with the fragile recovery that the previous Labour government had brought about. They risk a “double-dip recession” that would see growth in the economy falter and the jobless totals rocket.”

“This budget is a recipe for economic disaster and by targeting the poor is very unfair. In contrast the previous Labour government had a plan to reduce the deficit fairly without hitting growth and jobs.”



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23 June 2010

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