Where is Ealing's Best Sunday Roast?

Local bloggers are on a mission to find out

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New pub on the block The Star and Anchor on the Uxbridge Road in West Ealing gets the ultimate accolade - the five dinner plate seal of approval from a local blogging site searching for the Best Sunday Roast.

John and Claire Vickers from West Ealing say they like nothing better than visiting a pub on a Sunday afternoon and having a decent meal.

They say that sometimes they have found amazing meals but on other occasions their meals were disappointing. They wished they had read an honest review before they had wasted their money.

After a number of years of thinking it would be a great idea to set up their own website, they came up with the idea for Best Sunday Roast

Of the Star and Anchor the couple say: '''If you want a high quality Sunday lunch with friends or family at a proper price. The food was excellent, drink selection fantastic and the staff were very attentive.''

Coming close behind is The Drayton Court which gets four and a half dinner plate score.

''This was an excellent pub / almost gastropub Sunday lunch. The service was efficient, yet personable. The quality of the meat was excellent, selection of vegetable fantastic with loads of gravy, slightly let down a bit by the Yorkshire and stuffing. The venue has so many facets; it makes the whole experience right for families and friends.


Do you agree with them ?

It's not exactly the Sunday Roast season at the moment (is there a season?) but where do you get your favourite Sunday Roast? Discuss on the forum or email the editor


6th July 2011



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