Best Hangover Breakfast in Ealing?

On the hunt for your favourites

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How do you like yours?



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It's that time of year again - late nights, office parties and next morning the munchies set in.

A full English is often the only cure - so what do you have for yours and where in Ealing do you recommend?

As a non- meat eater I often feel rather short-changed at some cafes. They seem to think that by removing the meat - and charging 50p less - they can get away with calling it a full veggie breakfast!

The best one I had was on holiday in Cornwall (bit too far to nip out to unfortunately ) when my full veggie consisted of toast, egg, rosti,beans,mushrooms,avocado and halloumi cheese - with a huge mug of tea of course.

All it takes is a bit of imagination and virtually anything goes with breakfast.

Most people stick to the conventional meat breakfast though - so where serves the best?

A quick request on twitter brought these names:

The Walpole

Cafe Freddos  Elizabeth Wooten adds: I'd second whoever suggested Cafe Freddo on Haven's great because it has something for everyone, whether you want a bowl of muesli or a sausage sarnie with loads of brown sauce. Really good quaity sausages, too!

Cafe Onik

and on a Saturday West Ealing Farmers market (bacon/sausage butties)

The Sunshine Cafe on Leeland Road West Ealing gets a glowing recommendation from Ol Rappaport who says: Without doubt the very best espresso coffee in the Borough, it would revive the dead! I love the breakfasts so much I've never bothered anywhere else, there is such a varied choice of breakfast (including a full Irish that would tempt a vegetarian)!

Cafe Gold in Hanwell - scrambled eggs and beans on ciabatta plus an enormous cup of coffee (Cottalott via twitter)


Have you tried any of them?

There are loads of cafes on Northfield Avenue and in West Ealing too.

Please send details of your favourites (and reasons why).






16 December 2010

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