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Not everyone who writes wants their identity known.

Blogging can give you the opportunity to take on the role of someone completely different - or perhaps write more personal thoughts.

This week's Ealing Blog (Eblog) is

The Asphadistra Blues

Aspidistra Comstock (alias) is in her 40's and spent the first twenty years of her life in central London. She was born across the road from Buckingham Palace Gardens at what used to be St. George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner. She was lured to Greenford by the possibilty of owning a reasonably sized house with a garden rather than a cupboard for the same price. She can also reach central London easily because of the great transport links.

If her blog has an aim it is to give those with an interest in suburbia her perspective on a world that intrigued her as a child, viewed from the windows of trains and cars. She has an interest in the arts, crafts (especially crochet), the disappearance of gardens (front and back) and the regeneration of the area she now calls home. Most of her readers are in the USA.   

There is some fascinating local history in this section: Mention the war


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07 December 2010

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