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One of the great things about living in Ealing is being surrounded by creative people.

Perhaps it's the legacy of Ealing Studios or the proximity to major broadcasting media centres which proves attractive but this part of London appears to house an unusually high number of writers, musicians, artists and well just generally interesting people.

Photographs are great for blogs and this week we are featuring a fantastic snapper who has settled in Hanwell - all the way from Vietnam.

Ealing Blog (Eblog) of The Week:


Quoc-Huy NGUYEN DINH says:

''I'm a Vietnamese born in Laos. I grew up in New Caledonia (a french overseas territory) and left for Montpellier in the South of France in 1996 for my studies in IT. I then became a website developer and worked few years in Montpellier before leaving for London in 2006 where my wife (girlfriend at the time) were living. So in June 2006 I drove in my little Peugeot 205 with my whole flat in it, direction Hanwell!

''Arrived in Hanwell, I started to work at the Hanwell Lidl store for few months before finally finding a web developer position in Fulham. In 2008, I changed job and went working for the Energy Saving Trust as their web developer and specialised in eZ Publish the CMS (Content Management System) they were using. Last September I changed job again and am now working as a CMS Developer for the Financial Times.

''Photography wise, it started in 2005 when DSLR became more and more affordable. I started shooting artists at concerts and gigs in Montpellier. But when I moved to London, I began to get interested in model photoshoot and build my portrait portfolio. Having learnt a lot during the process I thought I should have my own blog and give back to the community from which I've learned most of my skills.

''That's why I started www.qhphotography.com, my latest contribution to the photography community is www.lightingdiagrams.com, an online tool that allow photographers to design their lighting setup diagrams easily. These lighting diagrams are very useful when you need to share your techniques or just want to remember how you setup your light for a particular shot. Nowadays, most serious photographers do have their own blog, it's a great way to show you are active and also share your knowledge and communicate with others.''


If you live in, work in or blog about Ealing - or perhaps you have a favourite blog that you think should have a wider audience please contact editor@ealingtoday.co.uk and you - or they - could be featured.

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24th November 2010

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