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It seems everybody's doing it - do you?

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Blogging (for the uninitiated) is a bit like keeping an online diary except it's not private - you actually hope people will read it .

It's a form of commentary which is (usually) regularly updated by an individual author and offers description, news, photographs or opinion on literally anything.

Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments - which makes them different from other static websites.

It's a modern form of social expression which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Each week we will be focussing on some of the blogging talent of Ealing: .

Ealing Blog (Eblog) of The Week

Mark Hurst describes himself as a ' Northerner living in London for the past 20 odd years. Did stand-up comedy for 25 years but had to stop due to M.E./CFS, which I've lived with for several years. This limits my activities and means I can do just a fraction of what I would do in my past 'normal' life. Started taking photos on my mobile and writing a bit to go with them.'

He has two blogs : Hurst's Tublography has some great atmospheric photographs of the underground and overground stations of London.

There are even more great images and some interesting stories and opinion in The Hurst Locker. It's not every day you meet an American director legend in Ealing's Kentucky Fried Chicken!



If you live in, work in or blog about Ealing - or perhaps you have a favourite blog that you think should have a wider audience please contact editor@ealingtoday.co.uk and you - or they - could be featured.



11 November 2010

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