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Viv Ellis enjoys the first laughter session of 2018


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Making it as a stand up must be one of the hardest things. You need a constant, huge supply of material, and have to haul yourself up an down the country stopping in grimy B&Bs, eating crap at motorway service stations, then standing on stage trying to make people laugh – while dodging heckles. And that is often while you're juggling a job too.

I reckon it’s possibly a thousand times harder for female stand ups. Sindhu Vee , who for me was the star of the show on Friday,  must surely be on the brink of getting really well known.

She says she told her first joke at the age of four  ‘I had a terrible stutter so it took a very. Long. Time”

Her act is based largely on her life as a wife and mum of three,

She believes mums need to be respected by their kids (bringing in her own relationship with her strict, hard-to please Indian Mum) and sometimes there is only one way to guarantee getting what she wants – especially with surly teens and that is to tell outright lies. And how she keeps her husband under control by keeping him constantly mentally destabilised.

She’s got a great, very assured, deadpan  stage delivery. As she is starting to pop up on TV I would bet 5 of your English pounds that she’ll hit the big time soon.

Paul Pirie (pic above) was extraordinary. He bounded on stage in ill fitting clothes, thick glasses his messy, straggly  hair making Donald Trump look smart, and a weird loping gait.

His act spanned a load of topics; sex, booze, marriage, kids, all delivered in a very manic (but very, very funny ) style – like Robin Williams on acid at times.

 @paupirie worth a follow on Twitter too – like this from the other day;  “I'm. aT t he options' righT NOw Sof ar so good.”

 Top of the Bill on Friday was the ever popular The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue.  It’s a very visual act, they play well known pop songs and hold up – and pay around with – various words as they act out the song.  To be honest, though I think they are very talented, well rehearsed performers (though a bit vulgar and puerlle at times), I’ve seen them around 6 times now and it’s never made me laugh. 

Viv Ellis


10th January 2018

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