Could There Be an Arts Centre For Ealing in 2010?

Growing optimism that the dream could become a reality



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2009 has seen the growth of a not-so-very new idea: An Arts and Leisure Centre for central Ealing.

Ealing Arts+ Leisure has taken up the challenge, set out at the beginning of the year by Save Ealing Centre, to establish an Arts Centre in Ealing Town Hall.

Discussions have been held with the Regeneration officer and Council leader, Jason Stacey, who has given his approval in principle for the scheme. John Hummerston, chairman of EA+L, said he is optimistc that 2010 will see real progress in discussions with the Council and getting this project off the ground.

The plan is to re-locate the offices in the town hall and free up some rooms for arts purposes (music, painting, drama, crafts, poetry, literature, etc,) and to significantly expand the arts provision in the centre of the borough.
Projects, concerts and festivals will be fostered to take place in the halls and large rooms and meetings and classes will have additional choice of spaces to use.

Ealing Arts+Leisure intends the Ealing Arts Centre to act as a hub, liaising with other organisations (Questors Theatre, TVU, Community Centres,etc.) to create more cutural activities in the borough.
While sports facilities are currently receiving a boost thanks to Olympic funding, there is still a big lack of interesting cultural activities for young people. We aim to correct this.
This exciting and overdue project will also provide more and better facilities for the elderly and the disabled.

The work is now starting in earnest. We need your support and help as this is essentially a community project. If you would like your name added to our supporters list please go to where you will find the supporters’ letter.
If you have ideas to contribute, or would like to help, please contact Ann Pavett, Secretary, EA+L, 020 8579 492 or


November 18th, 2009

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