Yes or No To AV? How Will You Vote?

Those in favour meet in Ealing to outline their views

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Supporters of AV

Alternative Vote Referendum On May 5th


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Over 70 people attended the Yes to Fairer Votes event in Ealing.

Chaired by the former chair of Ealing Community Voluntary Service Adrian Cave OBE, the meeting was held in order to learn about the referendum on changing the voting system
taking place on May 5.

The meeting featured speeches from Ealing North Labour MP Steve Pound, Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake and London Assembly Member and Green Party candidate for Mayor in 2012 Jenny Jones.

Each speaker was asked to explain why they personally are supporting the Yes campaign before answering questions from the audience.

A presentation was also made by Yes to Fairer Votes London Campaign Manager Jon Walsh.

Steve Pound MP said:

‘Under AV MPs will need to secure at least 50% of the vote to be certain of winning. This will mean that they’ll have to work harder to keep your support. A fairer voting system will force MPs to sit up and listen, reaching out to the communities they seek to represent.’

Jenny Jones AM said:

'By ranking the candidates in order of preference the Alternative Vote would for the first time allow people to vote for the candidate they actually want- rather then vote tactically to keep another candidate out.'

Tom Brake MP:

‘AV would make it harder for the BNP to gain seats in a general election. That’s why the BNP is supporting the No campaign.’

Yes to Fairer Votes London Campaign Manager Jon Walsh said:

‘AV is not complicated. In fact, Londoners use a very similar system to elect the Mayor of London. London is one of the few places without local elections in May so turn out could be low. Londoners must not let this decision be made for them. We urge you to vote Yes to fairer
votes on May 5th.’



19th April 2011

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