Gross Family Give Thanks For Alice's Yellow Ribbons

But ask the community to now help take them down

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''The outpouring of love and support for Alice and her family since 28 August has been amazing. The yellow ribbons that have blanketed the area are enormously appreciated by the Gross family, and they have asked us to thank all the ribbon fairies on their behalf. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The sight of six thousand yellow ribbons worn by the runners, marshals and spectators at the Ealing Half Marathon was awe-inspiring. Each and every ribbon was made by hand with love, and we thank all concerned for their help and support.

Thank you also to everyone, wherever you live, who has tied, worn or shared a real or virtual ribbon. Your support has brought comfort in these dark days, and you have done us all proud.

Our yellow ribbons have been a symbol of all the best in our fantastic community. They have raised awareness of Alice’s disappearance and they have conveyed the hope of her safe return. For the last week they have served as a mark of respect following the heartbreaking news of her death.

Now the time has come for us to take down the yellow ribbons. We and the family should be grateful if you could please help to take them down over this weekend. However, the ribbons, flowers and tributes at the Hanwell clock tower can remain for now. Thank you.

On behalf of the Gross family the administrators of the Find Alice Gross Facebook group should like to thank each and every one of you for your continued, wonderful support.

It means so very much to all of us. #‎AliceGross #‎OurCommunityCares?''


As reproduced (with permission) from the Find Alice Gross Facebook page.





8th October 2014