Community Thanked For 'Extraordinary Display of Sympathy and Compassion'

Statement from the family of Alice Gross

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“It remains impossible to describe the pain of losing Alice. Her death has left a hole in our lives that can never be filled. Every day is full of reminders of her life and her loss, and it is hard to imagine a future in which we can find peace or healing. Her brutal murder remains shocking, an appallingly senseless act that is still difficult to believe or understand.

“We are confident in the conclusions of the police investigation. Despite the criticism that the police have received in the media, throughout this hideous time we have found they have remained at all times dedicated and sensitive and we would like to thank them for their support and professionalism.

“We would like to thank the local community. Hanwell is a multi-cultural and multi-faith area; the search and grief for Alice united the whole community in an extraordinary display of sympathy and compassion, and this has continued. We are very grateful.

We have also been astonished by the continuing support of the public for Alice's Youth Music Memorial Fund, which we hope will grow, and provide a sustainable legacy of music for disadvantaged children.

“The fund has so far raised £17,000, and has been supported by so many individuals, businesses and events. We would like to thank all those who have donated or given up their time to organise collections or put on gigs in tribute to Alice's memory, particularly those who have organised independent events through the Youth Music 'give a gig' scheme.

“Our own plans in support of Alice's fund are ongoing, and we hope to be able to give full details of these in due course. We are planning to hold a music event in the summer as a celebration of Alice’s life and passion for music. We also hope that in time an annual event can be launched to promote opportunities for young musicians, in tribute to Alice's aspirations.

“Although we now have certain information about how Alice died, we are still left with a number of serious unanswered questions about what the authorities knew or should have known about the man who is believed to have killed our daughter when he came to the UK.

“ Alice believed in the free movement of people and so do we. For her sake we are determined to ask these questions responsibly and sensitively. For that reason we have asked Liberty to help us and we look to the forthcoming inquest into Alice’s death to help us find answers to these questions.”

Donations in memory of Alice can be made at


27th January 2015