University Application By iPhone

Thames Valley pioneering new mobile technology

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Thames Valley University (TVU) has become the first university in England to have its own iPhone prospectus app.

The application, iUni, is free and features details on TVU's entire portfolio of courses with easy to access information for students and parents.

iUni allows potential students to apply online, go to the website, email through the auto-enquiry function or call TVU directly to learn more.

Young people are used to gathering information on the web, getting their email, listening to music, watching videos, getting directions, or pinpointing exactly where their friends are - anytime and anywhere - and iUni is a natural extension of this.

The introduction of this application sees TVU pioneering the use of mobile technology in the education sector.

With 'Clearing', the process used by students who have not managed to secure a place at university or college for the current year, imminent, prospective students need information at their fingertips to make quick, yet informed, decisions about the next step in their lives. TVU and iUni will give them that opportunity.

Lynn Grimes, TVU Director of Marketing and Recruitment, said:
'iUni is revolutionary for the students of tomorrow. TVU always strives to improve the service it offers to students and this pioneering application will offer all the information they need in one attractive package to enable them to make those big decisions'.

To find out more about TVU's iUni app, and to download it for free, see the website,

July 9, 2009