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Crime prevention advice for Christmas shoppers

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Ealing Police are working with shops in Ealing Broadway to keep shoppers safe from bag and phone thieves this Christmas. Shoppers can making tempting targets for criminals who steal bags, laptop computers and mobile phones.

Thieves will steal valuables in seconds while shoppers are looking at displays or trying on clothes. Coffee shops and pubs are another place thieves like as customers leave bags on the floor or leave phones unattended while they go up to the counter to collect their drink.

Sergeant James Rawlinson from Ealing Broadway SNT said "Crowds of shoppers can attract thieves but the good news is that it is easy to keep your valuables safe:

* Always keep valuables with you and within sight. Don't turn you back on an unattended bag, phone or laptop.
* In crowds and at bus stops be aware of people behind you and keep bags in front where you can see them.
* Do not leave bags on the floor where you cannot see them or on the tops of prams or shopping trollies.
* Never leave mobile phones on tables unattended. They can be taken in seconds.
* Always wear your handbag diagonally across your body with the bag at the front and make sure it is securely closed.
* Always report suspicious activity to a member of staff, security or to a police officer.

We want everybody to enjoy their shopping and nights out in Ealing and these simple steps will make sure the only people who won't enjoy Christmas are the thieves".

24th November 2010


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