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If you live in Ealing, this Valentine's Day evening should have been a love-filled one, according to a www.makefriendsonline.com poll.

Asked, "Are you more likely to make love with your partner on Valentine's Day than any other day?", a whopping 63 per cent from Ealing said, "Yes".

But it will have been a cold night in hard working Sutton where only 11 per cent of residents were expecting to celebrate with more than a bunch of flowers.

So has romance died? The survey suggests so. Apparently most of us are now too busy to pay more than lip service to the old traditions.

Of nearly 8,500 people surveyed, more than 60% were no more likely to make love with their partner on Valentine's Day than any other day of the year. And those percentages increase dramatically as people leave their twenties and gain responsibilities.

· Over 50% of those aged 18-24 expect to make love with their partners on Valentine's Day, yet only 37% retain that desire in their mid 30s.

· Men remain hopeful with 43% of male respondents anticipating a night of passion but only 36% of women feel the same way.

· The starsign most likely to make love on Valentine's is Leo, but an Aquarian partner will probably have a headache.

MakeFriendsOnline MD, Martin Bysh, commented: "I think it’s inevitable that passion will wane when people have the worries of mortgages, children and a looming recession. But lets hope this survey will serve as a little reminder that we need to put time aside for our partners too

But fellow Ealing residents take heart - here at least, love was in the air last night.

February 15, 2008