Uncertainty Over Elthorne Skate Park

Council looking at other options

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Ealing Council is looking again at whether Elthorne Park is the best location for a proposed skate park for the borough.

Plans were underway last year for the £200,000 facility after a local questionnaire showed that 67% were in favour of it being built on the proposed site.

However, there has been fierce opposition from many others including the governors and head teacher of Elthorne Park School who don't believe it is the right place for a skate park.

The school also has the backing of Hanwell Community Forum, Elthorne Park Neighbours and residents in Townholm Crescent, the closest homes to the proposed site - they want the park to be built on a Brownfield site.

Before the election Labour called in the decision to the Overview and Scrutiny Panel. They are now looking again at project and may could propose another location.

Local Ward Councillor Yoel Gordon says:

''The Planning application has been put on hold until Officers are in a position to report back to the Leader.

''Only after the reports have been submitted will the fate of the Elthorne Park Skatepark be determined.''

A council spokesperson told Ealingtoday.co.uk:

''Ealing Council is committed to providing a skate park for the local community.

“We are currently looking at the background information to this project, which will help us decide if Elthorne Park is the most suitable location for this new facility.”

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June 23 2010