Kids Swim For A Quid In Ealing

So leap off the playstation and into the pool!

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For more information on the council’s 'Kids swim free' initiative and holiday programmes visit

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Local kids are being urged to forget their Playstations and X-Boxes and get healthy and active for just £1 at local swimming pools.

The 'Kids for a quid' initiative, run by Ealing Council and leisure partner GLL, means children under 16 can now swim at any of the borough’s swimming pools during term time for less then the price of going to the cinema or buying a burger.

These Easter holidays are even better news with kids being able to use the Council’s 'Kids swim for free' pass.

Lessons for every level of swimmer from complete beginner to the more experienced will also be available at Acton Swimming Baths, Dormers Wells Leisure Centre, Gurnell Leisure Centre and Northolt Swimarama.

Councillor Nigel Sumner, Cabinet Member for Health and Community Well Being, said: “Swimming is not only a great way to get fit and healthy, it’s also a good skill to have. It’s important our children put down the television remote and get out from the front of the Playstation and learn how to swim.

“Swimming is a vital skill to have particularly from a young age as in the UK alone we have over 400 drownings each year and it’s the third most common cause of accidental death in under 16 year olds.”

'Kids for a quid' will run at Acton, Dormers Wells, Gurnell and Northolt during term time from next week. Anyone wanting to enrol for swimming lessons can do so from Monday 2 April at any one of the borough’s leisure centres.

From Wednesday (4 April), people have been able to book swimming lessons online by visiting, and clicking on the London Swim School link to enrol.


April 5, 2007