Ealing School Makes Children's Chatter Matter

St John’s Primary School supports national children’s communication charity

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Children from St John's Primary School, Felix Road, West Ealing have spoken up for the ‘Chatterbox Challenge’ to raise money for ICAN, a charity for children with speech and language difficulties.

As part of the challenge children sang action songs with a jungle theme. The nationwide initiative encourages children to enjoy songs and rhymes which help develop their communication skills.

Make Chatter Matter is ICAN’s campaign to ensure that children’s communication development from birth to five is a national priority.

The charity sums up the problem on its website: “Communication is the foundation life skill. It affects our ability to learn, form relationships and make friends. Children with speech and language difficulties get left out and left behind.”

In the UK one in 10 children have a communication disability. And the charity says evidence is accumulating, particularly in disadvantaged areas, that upwards of 50 per cent of children are arriving at primary school without the typical communication skills they need to learn.

“Last year ICAN at St. John's and ICAN South Acton were accredited as flagship provisions for children with speech and language difficulties,” St John’s head teacher, Marilyn Borlase, told Ealing Today.


February 22, 2007