Cash For Gold Scam

Don't fall for it

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A new type of doorstep scam has reached the Northolt area of the Borough of Ealing. The criminals knock on doors and offer to pay cash for broken, scrap and unwanted Gold. They will claim to pay the best prices, but will not pay what the items are truly worth. These suspects will be very forceful and persuasive in order to gain entry to people's houses.

Having gained entry the offenders will use distraction techniques to steal items without the occupier's knowledge. Alternatively, if items are too large, the criminals will return at a later date to burgle people's homes.

If the occupier is not home then the scammers will leave a leaflet stating that jewellery, watches, artwork, old coins, carvings, military items or antiques will be bought with no questions asked and give a contact number to make an appointment at a later date.

What you should if you receive a leaflet or someone calls at their door offering to buy their scrap metal?

o Above all DO NOT let any unknown person into your home without proof of identification.
o Legitimate gas/electricity workers, police, council workers will all show ID and be happy to wait while their identity is verified.
o Contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Ward Team if you receive any such leaflet.
o Call 999 if you feel threatened by anyone on your doorstep.

The description of the main suspect working in Northolt is a white man, slim build, approximate age 40-50 years, with light colored receding hair. However, these criminals are also known to work in pairs and are targeting the elderly and vulnerable residents.


27 October 2010


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