Tried and Tested:  Attach A Tag

Back to school means uniforms need labelling

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It's that time again. A new term means uniforms, shiny shoes and money being handed over as if there was no tomorrow.

Parents shell out around £100 or more per child on school goods according to a new study. That's one good reason to make sure everything is labelled. Kids lose things - but if they have their names attached the chances are the items may just be returned, and money is not wasted buying yet another school jumper.

Labels come in various forms - you can sew them on (if you are truly dedicated and have plenty of time on your hands), iron them or just write the names on with pen (cheapest option of all).

I was recently given the chance to try out a brand new invention - Attach-a-tag.

Described as a 'revolutionary way' to label school uniforms and garments it's actually quite a simple idea - a bit like a hole punch with a tag. You attach the button like tag (which has the name etched onto it) and in one click the garment is labeled, discretely and permanently.

The blurb says ''Guaranteed not to come off Attach-a -tag is the simple and quick way to label clothing, school uniforms, bags, pencil cases , swimming towels and other soft objects. It couldn't be simpler, let us know what name you want, purchase your applicator and labeling school uniforms and garments has never been so quick and easy. Even the kids can do it!''

It took me a little while to get the hang of it and initially I did find it rather fiddly, but once I worked out what I was doing wrong (putting tag in upside down!) it was pretty straightforward.

View a demonstration here

I would have been happier if the 'click' when the tag was attached to the material was a little louder/more obvious, but other than that it worked a treat. The tags can also be removed - a special tool is integrated into the base of the applicator.

Attach -a - tag is not cheap - a school uniform starter pack is 18.50 (applicator + 30 tags) but it should last through a number of kids/uniforms and may end up saving you a small fortune in lost goods.




31 August 2010

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