Residents Say NO to Controlled Parking Zone

There will be no CPZ for Ealing Park Gardens and beyond

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Residents in the southern part of the Northfields ward don't want any parking restrictions on their roads.

Councillors have announced the result of a recent vote, and the majority of people living in the roads from Ealing Park Gardens to Darwin Road were against Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ's).

Out of 596 responses (27% of the total sent out) 210 voted

in favour of CPZ's with 380 against.

At the local forum ward meeting the result was met with disbelief and upset from those living close to the existing CPZ.

The majority of Ealing Park Gardens, Chandos and Radbourne Avenue residents had wanted action to be taken.

They say that since the CPZ around Convent Gardens and Gumleigh road they had experienced more traffic problems, with cars using their roads to park.

Ward Councillor David Millican, who chaired the meeting, sympathised with the complaints.

He said:'' I fully understand, I live in the area and these are legitimate concerns, but we do have to listen to the majority view in this matter - it's democracy.''

It's expected to be several years before the issue will voted on again.

Meanwhile consultations about extending Ealing Dean and Boston Manor CPZ's are currently underway.

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June 26, 2009