Controversial CPZ Set to be Approved

Residents vote for Ealing Dean extension

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CPZ Action Now write:

Residents of the “five roads” have voted by four to one for inclusion in an enlarged Ealing Dean CPZ.

With 79% backing our campaign, and 19% against, the recommendation is for work to go ahead immediately on extending Zone JJ.

A detailed report to this month’s Cabinet meeting notes there was an unusually high response rate of 53%, with an “overwhelming” majority of residents in favour of the CPZ being enlarged. 

As a result, the council will extend the CPZ to Carew Road; Elers Road between Culmington and Carew; Lancaster Gardens; Lavington Road from Rathgar down; Loveday Road from Rathgar down; Lyncroft Gardens; and Walpole Close.

Roads in the “outer area”, including Dudley Gardens and Kingsdown Avenue, have rejected the opportunity to be part of the wider CPZ. Overall, 55% voted against, compared with 43% who wanted a CPZ. The response rate was 39%.

The result in these roads shows a much smaller majority opposed to a CPZ, compared with the previous consultation. We think it reflects the impact of displaced parking from Zone JJ, the cause of so many problems for our own residents.

The results of the official consultation, carried out a few weeks ago by Ealing Council, will now be presented to the November meeting of the Cabinet.

It appears that the design work has already begun, and the enlarged CPZ could come into force in January.

You will be aware that this is a hot issue in this area, with traders on Northfield Avenue urging local people to vote against CPZs, because they think controlled parking will have an impact on their staff. The close vote in the "outer area" suggests that the arguments about CPZs are not going to go away.

We welcome the recommendation for an extension of the Ealing Dean CPZ, and hope that it will now be implemented as quickly as possible.

We would also like to acknowledge the considerable help given by Councillor Ann Chapman, who listened to the views of residents in the area, both for and against the CPZ, and helped us to make our feelings known to the Council.


Read more here Cabinet Meeting Agenda



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November 7, 2009