Row Over Comments on MP's Death

Local Tory allegedly says 'Christmas has come early'

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A furious political row has blown up over alleged comments on a student political blog about Piara Khabra the MP for Ealing Southall who died recently.

Ms. Arleen Ouzounian, the deputy Chairman of the Ealing branch of Conservative Future was quoted in the Evening Standard as saying on the blog of the King's College London Conservative Society, "hopefully there will be a by-election called within the next three months and Ealing will finally be given an injection of Tory blood. Feels like Christmas has come early."

The message was subsequently edited and a message of condolence to the MP's family now appears.

Members of the Labour party are calling for Ms. Ouzounian to be disciplined for what they are describing as 'distasteful remarks.'

A spokesman for the Conservative party said the remarks were those of an 'over-eager student.'

June 26, 2007