When is 20p not 20p?

When it's worth £50 or more

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London Mint Office



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Time to check purses, pockets and down the sofa.

Thousands of 20p coins are currently in circulation which could make you a lot more cash.

A rare error at the Royal Mint means that tens of thousands of the coins produced earlier this year don't have 2009 stamped on them.

Experts say the lack of a date makes them worth £50 each, and possibly much more in future. One has recently sold on eBay for £7,100.

The Mint doesn't know exactly how many undated coins were produced and released into circulation, but estimates range between 50,000 and 200,000.

It's the first undated British coin to enter circulation in more than 300 years - the last occasion was 1672, when Charles II was on the throne.


People who find an undated new 20p need to register their details with The London Mint Office - 10,000 have already done so - before sending in the coin and claiming their reward.




July 3, 2009