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Now's the time to change your life says fellow Ealing resident, Carole Ann Rice

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"Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve To Make Resolutions, September is the perfect month to change your life" Carole Ann Rice

"Hungover, broke and staring at the pounds you gained in the mirror and the one’s you lost in your bank account, New Year’s Day has got to be the worst day of the year to set about changing your life.

"Feeling as toxic as the turkey carcass and the winter sky greyer than your complexion the duvet is the only place in which to take refuge. Why would you want to live on lettuce, take up jogging or attempt a new relationship or career when you only thing you have energy to create are cold sores and toast?

"But September brings with it not just mellow golden sunshine and wistful thoughts but renewed energy, quiet optimism and sense of real change in the air. It is no wonder the academic year begins in this most beautiful of months when our energies are high from the sedate summer months and change seems achievable and attractive.

"Perhaps you are suffering from post-holiday blues and a hamster in a wheel springs to mind every day when you embark on the killer commute. Are the thoughts of the long winter months ahead filling your mind with the thoughts of an evening class: salsa lessons, a new language, fencing anyone?

"So often our good intentions fall along the wayside as we get stuck in a routine of struggle and procrastination. You want to change your career/life/partner but don’t know how. Worst still is knowing you want change but you can’t quite pin point what it is you’ve been searching for? Perhaps the thought of moving on is too scary, but how long can you bear the agony of the comfort zone?

"If any of these apply to you then you are the sort of person I work with. I’ve sat exactly where you are sitting – stuck in confusion, fear and resignation; so cynical I cracked mirrors at a single glance. It was only when I hired a coach that I realised life didn’t have to be that way, that you can follow your passion (and get paid for it!) and have a meaningful life that perpetually thrills and expands one’s consciousness.

"I have helped a client stop smoking and lose six stones. She is now dating, has been promoted and is training for a half marathon. Another client, an HGV 1 lorry driver, fulfilled his ambition writing a book and publishing it. He is now signing copies at Waterstones.

"Others have left jobs and found new paths, met partners and married, left partners and achieved amazing things on their own and some have simply increased confidence, regained clarity and are enjoying life in a myriad of unforeseen ways.

"My passion is helping people like you. People who want full and extraordinary lives on their terms. Don’t let fear and procrastination hold you back.
The trees are turning golden, mist is in the morning air and change is happening all around us. Don’t you feel it’s time to do that too?"

Carole Ann is offering an exclusive offer to Ealing Today subscribers who book a 30 minute free telephone coaching consultation. Email her at or visit to find out more and sign up to her free newsletter.

Carole Ann Rice is an award winning journalist and acclaimed coach who regularly appears in the national press and on Sky television. She lives a happy life in Ealing with her husband and two children.

September 13, 2007