Last Warning For Local Family

Court order for anti-social behaviour

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A local family could face eviction from their home in Navigator Drive on the Windmill Park Estate for anti-social behaviour and gang- related activities.

They were taken to court by Catalyst Communities Housing association and Ealing Police who secured a two year possession order.

The order is only granted in exceptional circumstances and Catalyst say that in this case it was due to the severity of their behaviour and the effects of it on the community.

A statement reads: ''The Court order is a final opportunity for the tenant to stop the anti social behaviour before they are evicted and requires the tenant, members of their household and visitors to comply with strict terms.

''If the tenant does not comply with the terms placed on them by the Court, Catalyst can and will apply to court to evict them should they cause any further harassment, annoyance or nuisance to residents, visitors or businesses both on the Windmill Park Estate or in the locality of this estate.

''Catalyst Communities Housing Association & Police have pledged to work with residents to address and tackle anti-social & criminal behaviour.  We remain committed to taking joint legal action to seek further possession orders against any household behaving in this way and to provide a safe neighbourhood for residents of Windmill Park who are conducting their tenancies in a lawful way.''


If you have been a victim of crime or this type of  behaviour you can contact the following:

Catalyst Housing on: 0208 832 3298

Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 0208 721 2046


11 November 2010

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