Police Inquiry Launched in Ealing Southall

Details of postal voting allegedly posted on internet

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Returning officer's official list of candidates:

Nigel Bakhai, Liberal Democrats
John Sydney Cartwright, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Sati Chaggar, English Democrats - 'Putting England First!'
Salvinder Singh Dhillon, Respect - Peace, Justice, Equality
Sarah Janet Edwards, Green Party
Kuldeep Singh Grewal, Independent
Tony Lit, David Cameron's Conservatives
Yakub Masih, Christian Party 'Proclaiming Christ's Lordship'
Jasdev Singh Rai, Independent
KT Rajan, UK Independence Party
Virendra Kumar Sharma, The Labour Party Candidate
Gulbash Singh, Independent

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A police inquiry has begun into an alleged breach of the law covering elections relating to the contest in Ealing Southall for which polling opened today.

The police are responding to a complaint by Labour's election agent Ken Clarke that details of the proportion of votes for each party made by post had been posted on a Daily Telegraph blog. Under the Representation of the People Act it is illegal to publish statements relating to the way votes have been cast before the close of polls, if information given by voters is used.

It is alleged that the person who posted the information saw the ballot papers during the verification process that took place yesterday. The posting quoted "a source inside the Tory campaign". A spokesperson for the Conservative party is quotes as saying, "Our agent in Ealing Southall hasn't published any such information or spoken to the Daily Telegraph." The post was made at 6pm and removed soon after a complaint was received.

The Metropolitan Police have stated that the allegation will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

July 19, 2007