Ealing Hospital Cleans Up Its Act

Time to scrub up

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Ealing hospital is vigorously deep cleaning every ward and department to bring its hygiene ratings up to scratch after 'under achieving' in its bid to reduce the number of MRSA cases.

The clean up follows the Healthcare Commission's annual health check report where the hospital met 11 out of 12 of the standards set relating to cleanliness, but worryingly "failed its commitment to reduce the number of cases of MRSA and other infections sometimes caught in hospital".

The clean up programme, which is part of a Government-led drive to intensively clean hospitals, is being carried out by a designated team of six cleaning staff.

All equipment, beds, together with floors, ceilings and walls, in the wards are being steam cleaned, washed and polished.

Allan Mills, the Medirest Facilities Manager at Ealing Hospital, said: “The team of six are being scrupulously thorough in their cleaning. It is taking nearly five hours to clean each and every four bed bay in the hospital.

“Beds are being dismantled and cleaned bit by bit, and floors are being cleaned and then receive three coats of polish. We are very pleased with the hard work and vigilance of the cleaning team and are pleased to say that we will have completed the cleaning programme by March 31 in line with Department of Health guidelines.”

Paul Reeves, the hospital’s Director of Nursing said: “We are delighted with the way the team members are going about their job. This deep clean programme is over and above the cleaning service already carried out in the hospital. No crevice is being missed and every piece of equipment, including  bed frames, side tables, lockers, curtains and sink units are getting a thorough steam cleaning in this exercise.”

May 15, 2008