Ealing Hospital Is A 'Good' Place To Be

After Annual Health Check gives it a good bill of health


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Ealing Hospital has received a ‘Good’ score for providing high quality care and treatment to patients in the Annual Health Check October 07 for health organisations, published today by the Healthcare Commission.

19% of all acute hospitals were graded ‘Excellent’ and 36% were graded ‘Good’ for quality of services. This means that Ealing Hospital is in the top 50% per cent of hospitals in England and Wales for its high quality care and treatment.


The ‘Good’ score reflects the work of staff at the hospital to improve services for all patients whether they are inpatients, outpatients or attending Accident and Emergency.

The Trust also scored ‘Good’ for the management of its finances in the Health Check, which is the new system of assessment for all NHS Trusts in England, replacing the star ratings.

Chief Executive, Julie Lowe said, “We are proud of these results. They reflect the dedication and commitment of our staff, who continue to provide high quality care and treatment for all of our patients.

“We have shown that we continue to move in the right direction and that means that our patients are getting good standards of care and treatment.


October 23, 2007