John, It's Only Dancing

Nation Reels as Ealing's Sergeant Foxtrots Off

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In a shock move that has put recent events such as the global financial meltdown and the election of President Obama into perspective, John Sergeant has left BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

The move was in no way an attempt by the show's producers to generate some artificial controversy to boost ratings that were flagging against the X Factor. The judges on the panel had been outraged by the massive popular vote that John had been receiving claiming that he should not have been selected as he wasn't very good and not as pretty as Cherie Lunghi. He has been described as 'Eddie the Eagle in sequins.

John said on resigning, "If the joke wears thin, if in fact people begin to take it very seriously, and if people really are getting so wound up that it's very difficult to carry off the joke, then I think it is time to go".

As luck would have it the resignation comes just in time for him to take up a highly paid lecturing job on a cruise ship.

As a political correspondent perhaps Mr. Sergeant should not have been surprised that the British people voted for someone who is useless.


November 20, 2008