Ealing Man Sues Call Girl for £600,000

Woman claims she was his courtesan not his fiancee

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An Ealing man is suing his ex-partner for over a half a million after she ran off with another man claiming their nine year relationship was of a business nature.

Computer analyst Michael Stewart had met Michelle Howe in 1998 through an agency and he soon became besotted with her. They went on trips around the world together and eventually he proposed and the couple bought a house.

The relationship however has ended up in the courts with Mr. Stewart claiming repayment of the debts Miss Howe, now aged 43, ran up in his name plus compensation. She has since found a new partner and is planning to move to Poland with him. She claims that the money she spent was in lieu of payment for escort services provided. In her submission to the High Court she said that she had 'willingly acquiesced to be his exclusive companion and courtesan' and that she supplied regular sexual services in return for gifts and money.

Mr Stewart says that the relationship was one of true love and that, although he was aware that Miss Howe was working as a £250 an hour escort to supplement her income as a hospital secretary, she had agreed to give up this work and marry him.

In 1999 they bought a home in Acton with the mortgage in her name but according to Mr. Stewart he paid the deposit and fees. They sold the house three years later, making a £60,000 profit, and bought a five-bedroom semi-detached house in Ealing in Miss Howe's name. In addition Mr. Stewart claims that he provided her with £146,788 which included her running up £75,000 on credit cards and other borrowings.

He is asking the court that the home in Ealing be sold with the proceeds split between him and Miss Howe as well as a repayment of all he claims to owe him plus£250,000 in compensation.

January 25, 2007