Police Warning Over Cash Point Tampering

Barclays machine on South Ealing Road targeted




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On Wednesday the 12 of January 2011 at Barclays Bank South Ealing Road W5 a member of the public attempted to withdraw cash from the cash machine.

The machine instructed him to remove his cash but none came out. On inspecting the dispensing slot at the bottom he found that a piece of metal had been placed over the slot. It very closely resembled the slots own cover but was clearly on top of it. He called police and remained with the machine. His money had been drawn back inside the machine and therefore he did not lose any cash.

Police urge everyone to be aware of this type of crime. When using these machines check them to ensure they have not been tampered with.

If in doubt don’t use it, contact the branch or phone the number shown on the outside of the machine during closing times. If you find a machine which has been tampered with contact police and if possible don’t leave the machine until police arrive.



13 January 2011



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