Ealing Town Hall To Host Classic Films

Cinema Club to show three films this month

Ealing Events

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The Classic Cinema Club Ealing (CCCE) has announced that it will be hosting three films at Ealing Town Hall this April which it hopes will offer intrigue, suspicion, lies and even a few laughs, all under the theme of ‘Deception’.

The CCCE will serve up comedy in the form of In Trouble In Paradise, tragedy in Queen Of Spades and crime drama in House of Games. For each picture, the Club welcome an after-film discussion.

The CCCE has also declared that it will welcome renowned storyteller Sarah Rundle (sarahrundle.co.uk) to the Town Hall on the 9th of May for the Not-So-Silent Silent Film Event. Rundle will be performing in a theatrical setting at the venue telling the original ‘Blue Fairy’ story, though the Club hints that it will not be “a version you are likely to have heard before!”

This will be followed with a showing of the silent film The Adventures of Prince Achmed from 1926, reportedly the oldest surviving animated film in existence. The Club will also have Joseph Marshall in the house playing his remarkable soundtrack to the film, something likely to add to the drama of Rundle’s storytelling.

Full details, including information about the films to be screened by the CCCE and up-to-date ticket bookings for any of the announced films can be accessed from the Cinema Club’s website, classiccinemaclub.co.uk. The CCCE can also be emailed at classiccinemaclub@hotmail.co.uk for any questions or for reservations if online purchasing is not an option. Please note, the Club will be closed on Friday the 18th of April for Good Friday.

April 9, 2014

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