Fun And Creative Healthy Living Programmes In Ealing

Free local healthy lifestyle programmes for 0-5 year olds

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For further information on both pathways contact

The Alliance – Mend Partnership Team on or 020 8567 5247


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The Pre-school Learning Alliance have teamed up with MEND to offer FREE local healthy lifestyle programmes for 0-5 year olds and their families. Research has shown that a round one third of all children in the UK are above a healthy weight (overweight or obese). The number is increasing year on year in the UK and in countries around the world.

The Alliance – MEND partnership is to work together to help more people in Ealing achieve a healthy weight through healthy lifestyle choices. We have joined together to support families to live a healthier life in Ealing. We currently run the following two pathways

2 – 4 Programme Pathway - This is a healthy lifestyle programme for children aged 2 to 4 years, their parents and carers, where one or more members of the family are overweight. It involves a 90-minute session once a week for ten weeks. Parents attend each session with their children to learn about healthy eating, portion sizes and active play. Places are limited to 12 families who must attend all sessions. We offer friendly advice, tips and show parents creative ways to get children to taste and enjoy different fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks.

Outreach Programme Pathway - This programme is for children aged 0 – 5 and their families. It offers 5 key messages in helping all children live a healthier lifestyle. The 5 key messages are -

  • Enjoying Mealtimes
  • Bin the Bottle
  • Weaning with Confidence
  • Limiting Sugar Intake
  • Vitamins Supplements for Under 5’s

We can provide this information on a one to one basis or at a local Early Years Centre.

For further information on both pathways contact

The Alliance – Mend Partnership Team on or 020 8567 5247

 Frequently Asked Questions…

Can anyone sign up for the programmes? For the 2 – 4 Programmes we can only include families where either the parent/carer or their child is overweight. For the Outreach Programme we include all families with children aged 0 – 5 for all weight concerns.

Can families just turn up? No - for the 2 – 4 Programmes Pathway families must complete a Referral Form before they join and send this back to us. For Outreach Programme Pathway – Yes, as this is information & advice giving sessions but monitoring forms must be completed.

Where are the programmes being held? At various locations in the London Borough of Ealing - a time-table of dates, times and locations is available on request.


December 2, 2011


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