Fielding School

Fielding School serves a residential area of Northfields to the west of Northfield Avenue, and has been popular with parents for many years, which resulted in its expansion to a 3 class entry school. It has an active PTFA.

Their 2004 OFSTED report says:"Fielding Primary is a good school and provides good quality education for all its pupils. Standards are above average in Year 6 and well above average in Year 2. The quality of teaching is good overall. As a result pupils achieve well, especially in the Nursery to Year 2... The headteacher provides very good leadership and, with the support and challenge of an effective governing body, has successfully implemented a number of significant changes to the structure and organisation of the school. The newly established management team is effective in ensuring rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning."

School Catchment Area

Key Stage 2 Results for Local Primaries 2003
Key Stage 2 Results for Local Primaries 2004
Key Stage 2 Results for Local Primaries 2005
Key Stage 2 Results for Local Primaries 2006

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Wyndham Road,
W13 9TE





(020) 8567 9524

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