Summit Studios Offer £30-£100 for Local Residents To Share Their Opinions

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Summit Studios in Ealing Broadway are seeking market research respondent to talk about their oven and hob for 1 hour (£45.00 cash thank you gift) on the 11th, 12th & 13th February 

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Summit Studios are always seeking chatty, confident respondents to take part in interesting market research projects in Ealing Broadway. For each project you are selected to take part in you will receive a cash thank you gift of £30.00- £100.00, with sessions typically lasting between 1 to 3 hours.

Clients range from small start-ups to extremely well-known household names and they ask the team to find their brands typical customers to get honest, reliable feedback on their products and ideas.

Danielle and her friendly team at Summit Studios are company partners of The Market Research Society and are fully GDPR compliant so if you decide to join our database you be assured that your details are safe with them.

The current project will be discussing ovens and hobs and involves coming to the studio in Ealing Broadway to view some new concepts in appliance design whilst filling in a questionnaire online. The session will last just one hour, and each respondent selected to attend will be given £45.00 cash.

The Project will take place from the 11th-13th of February with day and evening sessions available.

Apply below and if you would like to be added to our main database to receive details of all upcoming projects straight to your inbox do remember to select that option.

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A project manager will take a look at your answers and if you seem to fit the profile their client has asked them to find they will telephone you to run through a screening questionnaire and hopefully book you in.

If you do not hear from anyone this time, you can assume that you do not quite fit the brief for this project but do keep applying as there is a project out there for everyone.

If this project doesn't appeal to you or you read this article after the 13 th of February, you can join our main database here

By joining the database, you will not only have the chance to be given some cash as a thank you for your time and opinions, you will also get to try new products before they are readily available, influence decisions made about which adverts make it to television and give your opinion about new concepts and ideas.

All that Summit Studios ask from respondents is that they are 100% honest during the screening process and when sharing their opinion: your opinion is why you have been invited along and everyone involved really wants you to share it (whilst being courteous and polite to other group members of course!) and that they arrive a few minutes early to get signed on so that sessions can begin on time.

You will often be recorded (both video and audio), this is just so the trained and friendly interviewer can remember exactly who said what when they are writing their report to give to the client. All recordings are held securely and deleted after a project is finished, these recording are never used for anything other than report writing and within a few minutes people do forget they are being filmed and any awkwardness melts away.

There may also be clients watching and listening in one of the purpose-built viewing rooms. These clients are always incredibly grateful for your feedback regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

Summit Studios have covered many subjects over the years from toys to cars, to every type of food and drink under the sun, as well as many types of household appliances and some important medical research for sufferers of various ailments.

Their most memorable project to date was sending 30 people to the Canary Islands for a 4 star all inclusive break to test out a brand new and top-secret holiday concept.

Summit also offer meeting and conferencing rooms with a variety of catering options and are an ideal training venue. The Studios are located down a private mews just 3 minutes' walk from Ealing Broadway station and next to a large carpark.

If your interested in not only learning new things and sharing your opinions on your passions and interests, join Summit Studios today and experience feeling part of market research.


January 28, 2019

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