Ealing Broadway becomes borough's first Drinking Control Zone

Police gain powers to grab your alcopops

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The Conservative controlled Ealing Area Committee last week approved the Borough�s first Drinking Control Zone in Ealing Broadway to tackle crime and disorder in the area. Ealing Broadway has become a hotspot for violent crime, a large proportion of which is linked to alcohol consumption. It has been estimated that 47% of violent crimes are committed whilst the offender is under the influence of alcohol together with 45% of domestic violence.

The Controlled Drinking Area will give police discretion to confiscate alcohol from people causing problems in the area.

Chair of the Ealing Area Committee, Cllr Brian Castle said he was pleased to see Ealing Broadway become the first town centre in the Borough to crackdown on outdoor drinking and associated bad behaviour. He said:

�Anti-social and violent behaviour has become a real problem in Ealing Broadway, and this is a response to real community concern and complaints from residents� groups. We are already tackling licensed pubs through Pubwatch and extra police patrols, but much of the problem remains on the streets and in public spaces. This measure gives police an extra weapon to stop bad behaviour before it starts.

�It is time that ordinary law abiding residents of Ealing had the opportunity to partake in the night time economy without fear or hindrance.�

October 12, 2005