Theft of bag from Hanwell ambulance poses threat to public

Contains lethal drugs which can kill instantly

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Police were called to Hanwell Ambulance station on Wednesday 29th September to report a theft from one of their ambulances.

An ambulance went to a genuine 999 call at an address in Lacock court W13 at around 08:40 hours on Wednesday morning. Following the conclusion of the call the crew then travelled back to their base station and while they were doing a equipment change on one of the ambulances they noticed the drug pack was missing.

Police attended the Ambulance Base Station in Boston Road Hanwell and then went to Singapore Road where an area search took place to try and locate the discarded pack with no result.

The ambulance crew states that the drugs in the pack would be of use to drug users as there is a drug to reverse the effect of Heroin overdose. Also the crew states that certain drugs in the pack are lethal to a healthy human being and can kill almost instantly. The pack would also contain needles.

The scene of the theft was Lacock court in Singapore Road W13 outside one of the towers in the car park near to Ealing Magistrates Court.

The Drugs pack stolen from the ambulance is bright yellow in colour with the wording London Ambulance Service written on the pack. The pack has a small clear window on the front, which contains a card and indicates what medicines are included inside. The pack also has a serial number of P0598.

Ealing Police would like to appeal

•  To any witnesses of the theft.

•  To anyone who may know the whereabouts of the medical bag.

•  To anyone who has come across the medical bag whilst out for a walk, running, cycling.

•  Has this drugs pack been discarded in your rubbish by the suspect?

•  To parents to outline to their children about the dangers of playing with medicines, needles etc and ask them to contact police if their children come across the medical bag.

•  To drugs users that experimenting with medicines can have serious consequences.

Or anyone with any information in relation to this incident to contact Ealing Borough Police or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Ealing borough Police Crime Reference Number for this offence is 2531927/04

October 1, 2004