Police look to community for neighbourhood watchers

Southfield SNT look to set up valuable schemes run by residents

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Safer Neigbourhoods




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Local Safer Neighbourhood Teams are looking for residents to run and/or participate in Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

Tim Scrimshaw of Southfield Ward's SNT said "What we are aiming to do is to get as many streets covered by the scheme, some already have neighbourhood watch. It is best to have a nominated person who will run the scheme and willing coordinators within the streets to assist.

"Schemes work best if several streets together link up and one person nominated as overall watch coordinator and the rest as street coordinators

"At the moment we are looking for people who are interested, once we have enough people, we will arrange a meeting to discuss what is expected from you and from us.

"Neighbourhood watch is basically a way for police to pass info to the community and the community to pass info to the local police as well as providing crime prevention advice. It's also a great way for people to start speaking to one another and keeping an eye on each others properties.

"Any one interested please contact me on 0208 7212946 or Southfield.SNT@met.police.uk."

Respective roles and responsibilities within a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Borough Coordinator

• Act as temporary link between coordinators and ward teams pending full implementation of Safer Neighbourhoods
• Maintain database
• Promote NHW internally and externally
• Arrange signage, literature, promotional material


• Eyes and ears
• Disseminate information about recent crime trends, suspects etc
• Use email address of ealingintelligence_xb@met.police.uk
• Help Borough coordinator to keep database current
• Help distribute literature as appropriate
• Liaison between Watch members and Police/LBE
• Promote methods of contacting Police/LBE
• Vulnerable premises books?

Ward Teams
• Regular point of contact for coordinators
• Keep coordinators updated with intelligence and information
• Liaise with Borough Coordinator


August 9, 2006