Summer time Burglary Advice

Don't give thieves an open invitation

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As the warmer weather is upon us, we tend to keep our properties well ventilated and cooler. Ealing Borough Police are reminding residents that although this is more comfortable, it can make homes more vulnerable to thieves.

Burglars will make the most of easy opportunities and target properties that are insecure. They will exploit open windows, often while householders are asleep upstairs or even when they are just in the back garden.

Taking a few simple precautions can reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of a summer crime.

Police are encouraging people to fit and most importantly, use good locks on downstairs and accessible windows. An "Accessible window" means one that is relatively easy to climb to, for example, above a ground floor extension or porch, or next to a drainpipe.

Traditional sash windows can be secured by fitting two pairs of sash stops to the upper frame. The lower pair locks the window shut, but can be removed to allow a 4-inch gap for ventilation; the upper pair prevents the window being opened further. Consider window restrictors for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Burglary, on the whole, is an opportunist crime. A burglar will select his target because it offers him the best opportunity to carry out his crime undetected and with the fewest number of obstacles in his way. A determined burglar can get through the smallest of open windows. When you leave your home or go to bed, close and lock all windows and doors.

A building that presents itself as unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one, which is properly secured.

For further crime prevention advice contact Eagling Borough Police, Crime Prevention Unit Tel: 0208 246 9444 or log onto

June 27, 2006