Court hears of events leading to Chiswick man's death

Stabbing of Michael Campbell 'revenge for damage to car'

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Details of the events leading up to the death of Michael Campbell in Chiswick last year have been heard at the Old Bailey.

Mr. Campbell was killed on Welstead Way in Chiswick and his friend Ishmael Chambers was seriously wounded following a dispute over a vandalised car.

Carl Gordon, aged 19, Gordon Alexander, aged 20, David Powlett, aged 22, Daniel Walters, aged 21 and his 19 year old brother Joel Walters are all charged with murder, attempted murder and GBH with intent. The men, who are from the Greenford and West Ealing area, deny the charges.

The court was told that there was a long-running dispute between a man called Daniel Russell, who was an associate of the accused, and Mr. Chambers. Russell is believed to have left the country shortly after the incident and has yet to be traced. On April 3rd 2005, Russell along with two of the accused approached Mr. Chambers who was walking on Chiswick High Road with his girlfriend. An altercation ensued and the police were called to the scene but no arrests were made.

It is claimed that following the incident Mr. Chambers along with other associates including Mr. Campbell found the men who were involved in the fight on the High Road and attacked their parked car. The car is then said to have sped away from the scene resulting in more damage to the car. The prosecution allege that after this incident Carl Gordon recruited the accused men to return to Welstead Way where they met Mr. Chambers and Mr. Campbell and a third person. They claim that two of the men came to this confrontation armed with knives.

In the ensuing fight Michael Campbell was stabbed in the back. He was rushed to hospital but died shortly after his arrival. Mr. Chambers was also taken to the hospital having been kicked and stabbed. He was in a critical condition but survived.

The court was told that three of the accused admitted to police during interview that they had been involved in a fight.

The trial is continuing at the Old Bailey.

February 18, 2006