Hanwell Hootie2019: London's Largest Free One-Day Music Festival is Back
Over 100 bands in 17 venues

Saturday 11 May is the day the 2019 Hanwell Hootie is taking place this year. This is the largest free one-day musical festival in London and is back for the seventh year in a row. As well as an incredible list of bands playing, there is also a comedy programme.

To keep the energy levels up, there is Fabulous Feasting available. Lots of last year's favourites are returning including Pulled food and Monkey Puzzle and new food traders such as Ealing YEP are being recruited.

To help audiences get to their venue of choice quickly and efficiently, three routemaster buses will provide a shuttle service to Hanwell from Ealing Broadway Station, Brentford Station and the Forester pub in Northfields Look for the Hootie sign on the buses. This is a Free service, but it is hoped people will put a donation in the bucket on board to help fund the event. Due to the historic nature of the vehicles, they are non-wheelchair accessible. Carriage of pushchairs are at the discretion of the conductors.

The Hootie History

Jim & Terry Marshall opened their first shop in Hanwell in 1960 trading as Jim Marshall & Son and in 1962 moved to new premises trading as J&T Marshall. Their early famous customers included Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, Jimmy Page, etc. The Hanwell Hootie was initiated to celebrate the life of Jim Marshall 'The Father of Loud' who died in 2012. Hanwell is barely 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide but its "rock" connections are pretty impressive for such a small place.

The First Hanwell Hootie took place on Saturday 6th April 2013. The day kicked off with the unveiling of a plaque by the art deco Hanwell clock tower to honour Jim Marshall OBE. A crowd of over six hundred people viewed the unveiling by Brian Poole of The Tremeloes. The 2013 Hootie showcased 13 bands in 3 'official' pubs, but such was the enthusiasm for more music that the 'Hootie Fringe' was introduced.

The Hootie has grown year on year with over 100+ bands in 17 venues in 2019, the 7th year. Viaduct Meadow, opposite Ealing Hospital with the iconic backdrop of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Wharncliffe Viaduct is going to be even more musically exciting this year. Highlights include Marshall Record's artists Thousand Thoughts, Key West and Bad Touch, followed by Amber Arcades, one of the most exciting indie pop breakthroughs in 2018.

Bearcat Comedy will be back on the Igloo stage from 8pm. St Melitus Church will begin with the ever popular Hanwell Ukuleles, followed by the Missing People Choir and climax with Old Dirty Brasstards!

The ever popular Sandy Park has a great line up including Giant Party and Bang Bang Romeo!

All the venues have amazing talent so make sure to move around to experience as much as possible.

Food vans and bars will be available in Viaduct Meadow, Sandy Park and St Mark's School.

As part of the Association of Independent Festivals' “Drastic on Plastic” campaign, Hanwell Hootie are committed to limiting the amount of plastic at the festival by:

•  Reducing single-use plastic cups . All venues will offer you a Hootie/Marshall branded plastic cup for £1 when you purchase your first drink. This can be refilled when you purchase another drink in any Hootie venue. At the end of the day if you decided not to keep this iconic cup, the bar staff will refund you £1 when you hand it back to them. Alternatively, if you don't want to keep the cup and would like to donate it to the Hootie please place it in a Hootie Cup Recycling Bin at the entrance to Sandy Park, St Mellitus Church or Viaduct Meadow. All cups that are returned will be collected by a specialist company who will sterilise and store them.

•  Banning plastic straws . All our vendors will be asked to use paper straws

•  Reduce single use drink bottles. Our vendors will be encouraged to sell soft-drinks and water in cans or recyclable plastic bottles

•  Ban single use sauce sachets. Our food traders will be encouraged not to use single use sachets

•  Ban single use cutlery. Food traders will be encouraged to use wood or recyclable cutlery

Did you know that:

•  It is predicted that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish. Let's do our part

•  Reusable cups are better for the environment after just 3 uses

•  38.5m plastic bottles are used everyday in the UK. 91% of plastic is not recycled

•  Every bit of plastic ever made still exists somewhere…


As well as showcasing some of the finest up and coming bands in the UK, we at the Hanwell Hootie are passionate about supporting the amazing charities, schools, organisations and community groups that are doing great work.

This year we have created a ‘WALL OF SOUND' gallery in the Viaduct Meadow and Sandy Park!

‘Hmmm so what is that exactly?' I hear you ask.  Splashed upon the inner boundary walls you will see wooden guitars decorated by non-commercial organisations with a message about the great work they do.  Make sure you take the time to have a look and learn about these amazing organisations.


April 10, 2019

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