Bearcat Comedy at The Viaduct

Viv Ellis reviews the now monthly session

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Wendy Wason


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Bearcat Comedy at the Viaduct in Hanwell is now once a month – on the last Friday. This last week we had four acts – none of whom I was that familiar with. But I needn’t have worried, they were all good.

Jason Patterson kicked things off with tales of the joys of still living at home with Mum and Dad and the cringingly embarrassing stuff that he’d experiences as a teenager. Like his mum catching him trying to sneak girlfriends home or the night he was arrested on suspicion of being in possession cannabis – embarrassing enough – only to be released without charge the next day as his “stash” was nothing more noxious than herbs.

To say that Wendy Wason has the gift of the gab is putting things mildly. She has the most amazing “rabbit” mind delivery – constantly changing tack, always seeming to get distracted – listening to her was like gossiping with a mate over coffee. Being a Mum was a huge part of her act – the embarrassment of talking about sex to the kids, or having sex when they are in the house. A really warm, likeable and funny woman she writes for the Huffington Post too.

Mark Maier I had seen before. He too, spoke of the joys of parenthood – how you get an accumulation of shoes in the hallway that it looks like you’ve opened a Mosque. A very funny man with an excellent rapport with the crowd.

Lots of great names are already lined up for the New Year including the  The Raymond and Mr Timkins Review on Jan 6th and Sol Berstein on Feb 3rd – it’s worth booking for these early (like now) as they will sell out.

You can book tickets (£10) online at if you want to take advantage of the £20 “Meal Deal” (2 courses and club entry) you get those in the pub, or call 020 8567 5866

Viv Ellis


7th December 2016

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