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Viv Ellis enjoys watching local lad Nathan Caton


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Nathan Caton

You’ve probably seen him on TV – Mock The Week, Russell Howard and  - so on but did you know he’s from Greenford?

Nathan Caton returned to Bearcat comedy in Hanwell on Friday and showed just why he’s one of the most successful black comedians around. 

Possibly testing out material for his tour - Straight Outta Middlesex – later in the year (though tickets are already selling) he had the crowd with him from the off.

He talks about his mum (he still lives at home) and how Greenford’s gets gentrified, how the latest racism is against people with ginger hair with a couple of jokes I can’t repeat here.

Moving on, it was then the vogue for young Brits joining Islamic State  ‘the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme’s really gone downhill’ and how sending their irate Mums over there to bring them back may well be a hitherto untapped weapon to bring them home. “Come out or I’ll show you terror!”

We all know the hunt is on for a new Bond actor and Nathan thinks the producers should consider a Polish actor. ‘He’ll be early for his missions, get them done efficiently, under budget and then he’ll do other people’s missions too’.

Earlier other acts had been, a comedy magician, El Baldhino,  newcomer Jake Lambert who started his comedy career with a Twitter feed of one liners and who regaled us on stage with tales of student life and date sabotage and Mitch Benn and his guitar whose grand finale centred around Jeff Wayne's of ‘The War of The Worlds’ – a 1970’s Prog Rock concept album (remember them?) now a musical in  the west end starring David Essex (remember him?). Mitch’s version was a very funny version involving a singling caterpillar.

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19th April 2016






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