Parking Space Reduced to Accommodate Wheelie Bin Lorries

Some residential roads will have bin day restrictions


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New parking restrictions are being introduced to 23 roads in parts of Hanwell and Ealing to accommodate the new wheelie bins.

The Council were prompted to make the move when it became clear that new bin lorries were too large to cope with narrower roads in the area.

Areas of Hanwell ground to a halt early this week with the introduction of the controversial new service.

Collection lorries couldn't get down residential streets and locals reported traffic problems lasting around 45 minutes.

Ealing Council wants to extend yellow lines and introduce bin day only parking restrictions on some streets to give access to the bigger bin lorries.

Roads that will be affected are in Perivale, Hanwell and West Ealing and include parts of: Bleasdale, Woodhouse, Colwyn Avenues, Du Burstow Terrace, Green Lane, Hatfield Road, Coldershaw Road.

The full schedule can be viewed here.

There has been no local consultation but the council initially published a traffic order notice the day before the London mayoral elections.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Jon Ball, says: ''As a matter of principle, residents should be properly consulted about all new parking restrictions close to their homes.''

Conservative lead on planning, Councillor Joanna Dabrowska is looking into the validity of the notice and says because it has been 'buried' it's unlikely many will be aware of the changes:

"Ward councillors were only notified of this public notice on 5th May at 17:36 alerting us that it will be published the next morning in Ealing Gazette. Same day as the London mayoral elections when all councillors were occupied. I had seen it and immediately enquired why ward councillors had not been pre-notified and the poor timing of the email. Was Ealing planning to hide this during the electoral period so that no one will notice?  Seems that the Labour administration is imposing wheelie bins on residents and then amending the roads to accommodate them. Cart before the horse management?"

There is no legal reason why the Council could not have published this notice on

We are awaiting comment from Ealing Council.


9th June 2016

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