Ealing's Top Primary Schools

Ranked according to Government's expected standards


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The summer holidays aren’t far away, and many parents might be thinking about what schools to enrol their kids into next year.

To help, we’ve put together this list of the top nine primary schools in Ealing according to government rankings.

These rankings are based upon students achievement against the government’s expected standard and in their literacy and numeracy test.

Private or special schools are not included in this list.

1. Perivale Primary School on Federal Road in Greenford tops the list.

An impressive 88% of students achieved the government’s expected standard – this is achieving a scaled score of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teacher assessing them as ‘working at the expected standard’ or better in writing.

The school also had 14 % of its students achieving the government’s higher standard –  getting 110 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teacher assessing them as ‘working at a greater depth within the expected standard’ in writing.

The school also had a “well above average” rating in the progress scores for its students in reading, writing and maths.

The school achieved an “Outstanding” result on its last Ofsted in 2017

2. Coming in a close second is Dairy Meadow Primary School on Swift Road.

Three-quarters of its students achieving government targets.

Nearly one in five (19%) of its students also achieved the higher government targets in maths and English.

The school achieved a “Good” rating on an Ofsted in 2018.

3. Next up we have Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School on Little Ealing Lane.

This school had almost the same number of students achieving expected standards (76%).

Scores for reading were classed as “well above average”, with maths coming in “above average”.

The school was only let down by an “average” score in writing.

It also achieved a “Good” rating in an Ofsted at the start of the year and

4. In fourth place we have the Tudor Primary School on Tudor Road, which achieved an impressive 79% of students achieved government targets, with 21% achieved the higher standard.

Reading and maths were both deemed to be “well above average” among the schools pupils, and writing level was classed as “above average”.

Tudor Primary received a “Good” Ofsted grade in 2018

5. Vicar’s Green Primary School on Lily Gardens came in fifth.

Four out of five of its students achieved the government’s expected standard, and a fifth also achieved the higher standard.

In both reading and maths the students were deemed to be performing “well above average” but in writing they were only on-par, achieving an “average” scoring.

It achieved an “Outstanding” grade in its last Ofsted in 2013.

6. Drayton Green Primary School in Drayton Grove comes in at number six.

Over two-thirds of students (69%) achieved governments expected grades, and 6% surpassed them to achieve the higher standard.

In reading the school was still “well above average” but in writing and maths students only performed at the “average” level.

Drayton Green Primary School achieving a “Good” in its last Ofsted in 2018.

7. St John’s Primary School on Green Man Gardens takes out the seventh slot.

Nearly two-thirds (59%) of students achieved government standards, while 11% hit the higher standard.

The school achieved ‘well above average’ in maths, reading and writing, and the school achieved a ‘Good’ in its last Ofsted.

8. Woodlands Academy on Hathaway Gardens had an impressive 76% of pupils achieving to government standards.

Although Woodlands achieved ‘above average’ or ‘well above average’ in reading, writing and maths, none of the students achieved the higher government standards.

9. John Perryn Primary School on Long Drive rounds off our list.

Three-quarters of students achieved to the government standard, and 11% achieved at the higher level.

The school scored ‘above average’ in reading, and ‘well above average’ in writing and maths.

The school achieved a ‘Good’ grade at Ofsted in 2017.

Ged Cann, Local Democracy Reporter


17 June 2019


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