Ealing Football Coach Says It's All About Triangles

Newly published book looks into the importance of the 3V3 formation


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An Ealing football coach who says he spent a lot of creative work time in Charlotte's W5 and Cafe Zee has produced a new guide which is proving popular with players and trainers alike.

Peter Prickett who has worked in various local schoosl and been Old Actonians Youth Coach for the last 3 years is the author of Developing Skill, A Guide to 3V3 Soccer Coaching, his newly published first book.

The book helps coaches of all levels, working with players across all age groups and abilities, to learn to utilise the 'triangular' method. Triangles – a shape at the heart of football can be applied in both attack and defence, and comprise of three players.

With a core 3v3 training foundation, players will be able to explore and cement numerous key parts to their games, with depth and width, unlocking the various combinations – such as overlaps, one-twos, third-man runs, and more – which are used at all levels of the sport. At the same time, players will have ample opportunities to develop and perfect creative dribbling moves.

Developing Skill: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching outlines how you can use and incorporate the 3v3 method in your training and provides more than 90 ready-to-use, illustrated practices. It also details how best to run warm-ups, how to work with different pitch sizes and shapes, and much more.

Mr Prickett says: '' About 18 months ago I was looking for 3v3 based practices and the well was dry. So I decided to make my own. I shared them on social media and people said "you should write a book". I was reluctant but eventually went for it. It was collation of ideas and practices I had in my files, so writing it wasn't too bad. It was creating order and sense from a series of only somewhat connected practices, but I knew what the thread was, I just had to grab it.''

The book is available online here or can be purchased locally from the Pitshanger book shop.


October 10, 2018

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