What If.. London Were a National Park City?

More wards are backing local man's environmental initiative



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An Ealing man's dream to make London a National Park City will be the subject of a major conference held at the SouthBank next week.

The landmark community event on 21st September will explore further how and why it should happen.  Hosted by Josie Long, speakers include designer Wayne Hemingway, campaigner Fiona Reynolds, firefighter Simon Jakeman, as well as the Bollywood Brass Band, artists and poets. It's expected to be an evening of 'entertaining performances, provocative ideas and proactive thinking'.

London can become a National Park City when at least two-thirds (436) of London’s 654 wards and the Mayor of London have declared their support.

The Mayor of London and over 200 wards - including Ealing - have already declared their support.  In the lead-up to next week's event the Greater London National Park City Initiative supported by the National Geographic Society produced the film to encourage more Londoners to get on board.

Executive Producer Daniel Raven-Ellison raises the question of how we all locally can get involved: '' How can Ealing folk take inspiration and start doing things in Ealing now... tree pits, wild corridors, could the canal be made clean enough to swim in!?''

The idea is  to make the Capital a city where people and nature are better connected - one already rich with wildlife but where every child can benefit from exploring, playing and learning outdoors.

Those backing the concept say:'' Together we can make London a greener, healthier and fairer place to live. Together we can make London a National Park City. Why not?"

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14 September 2016

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