Ealing Urged to 'Wake-Up' To Prospect Of More Aircraft Noise

New flight paths could see increase in morning planes over the borough


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Ealing campaigners are urging residents to 'wake-up' and stop Heathrow expanding further.

Wakeup Ealing is opposed to plans for more flights and more flight paths over Ealing and Acton. These changes are planned to start in 2022, independently of a third runway.

They say if they go ahead Ealing will experience a substantial increase in aircraft noise with residents experiencing loud, low-flying planes preparing to land before 6am.

With approach paths changing some arrival flights will be routed over Ealing & Acton which could mean:

  • Up to 25 flights directly over head between 5:50 and 6:50 am. This is one plane every two or three minutes
  • A possible 40 further low-flying arrival flights a day after 7:00 am, with continuing noise and disruption well into the evening
  • Very high noise levels, likely to wake most people up

There is a Heathrow consultation currently underway and the deadline for responses is 13 September and campaigners are urging everyone to take part or else they believe Heathrow will take a lack of response as a sign of acceptance of its expansion plans.

They say a simple option to register your personal view is to email: feedback@heathrowconsultation.com

They suggest a response such as:

“Heathrow’s plans for new flight paths and additonal flights from 2022 would bring unacceptable noise to Ealing and elsewhere. Any increase in flight numbers also means more carbon emissions and lower air quality. It would reduce the quality of life in my community and it goes against the UK’s commitment to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality in London I strongly object to ANY change in flightpaths; to ANY loss of respite; to ANY increase in numbers of flights and to ALL plans for expansion – and I make this objection as a formal contribution to the consultation process”.

For a summarised version of Heathrow’s plans and Wakeup Ealing’s views on them,
visit the website: wakeup-ealing.org.uk, the ‘consultation’ tab gives further information on completing the consultation.

4 September 2019

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