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It's officially time to PANIC!... er, no, I mean prepare properly surely?


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So, it's that back to school time when you wake up and panic and realise you've forgotten to do the homework that was set because, well it was summer and there were lots of other fun things to be done.

In the above photo ( taken in a very runner friendly Portuguese resort*) I'd love to say I totally associated with that determined runner, but I really have to 'fess up.

Honestly, I did take my running gear on hols with me and fully intended to train a bit, but (& there's that B word again!) before I even got on the plane ,my specs broke and the prospect of running in a strange place without semi-decent vision was a total no-no.

So, in the above photo I'm more the one in the sea ( waving not drowning) - meaning I did get *some* real exercise (other than just copious wine glass raising) and am hoping the swimming will have helped my 'training' in some way.

Anyway, there's still a tiny bit of time, and although there's also an increasing wobbly feeling and that oh, so, familiar sneering voice saying 'why on earth did you think this was a good idea?' is now getting louder, I'm determined that once again I will be joining thousands of others feeling nervous at that EHM start line. I intend to enjoy my run through Ealing with all the amazing local support, and WILL get to that fabulous FINISH line - before the park closes!

This story about Joe Strummer always gives me hope. I mean, if he can do a marathon after ten pints I should be ok to do the half after...er, say 5, yes?!!!!





Annemarie Flanagan

* Quarteira


5th September 2019


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