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The clock is ticking and panic is beginning to set in, time to take stock


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What's a photo of wispy clouds and lovely blue sky doing in my running ramblings? Has she fallen over or just lost the plot totally...you might well wonder...

Well, there *is* a point. If I hadn't been out running I would never have enjoyed this view (and I really, really do like my big sky vistas!)

So, just for a change it's running 1, sofa 0.

I'm still trying to keep positive and despite the temporary parkrun route at Gunnersbury which saw the superspeedies miles ahead and running right past us tortoise types to their early finish, I wasn't deterred. As parkrun organisers quite rightly say, 'It's NOT a race', and you can run, run/walk or walk it.

I'm obvously never going to be in the speedies category but seeing them inspires rather than makes me feel bleak.
Everyone has their own challenges and no doubt the superspeedies will have theirs too, albeit not running!

Must mention the kind runner who was struggling alongside me but took time to encourage me to run to the finish last week, a bit of belief from elsewhere really does help. Just need to work on self now.

So, whilst I have mini challenges every week the big, big one, once again, is the Ealing Half Marathon which is looming ever closer.

Panic set in when I realised school is out next week and the holidays start and before you know it.. eeeek it's September, and September 29th is the day.

So. Rather than hide under the duvet until it's all gone away (very tempting) I'm going to do my best to meet my running demons head on, push them aside and truly celebrate when it's all over.

If you're taking on the EHM first time, my advice (for what it's worth), is simply to train.
Get yourself into a routine and stick to it.
Those lovely people at EHM have made it even easier for you and prepared a schedule which is here.

I am going to adapt it and make it work around my commitments but it's going to happen.

No more excuses!

Let me know how you're getting on and please send any tips for:
1) running in hot weather 2) keeping going when the demons just keep on 'atcha to stop.
3) trying to run a bit faster when for some reason the very idea seems completely ludicrous!

We can do it!

Oh and if you're not quite ready to run it - volunteer, it's a really great experience and you get a free place next year t'boot!

Annemarie Flanagan


9 July 2019


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